Working with Loraina Marie


STEP 1:  Let's talk a bit about you and your project.

Before I can create an estimate for you, let's get to know each other a little bit. We'll need to talk about things like how much you're looking to accomplish in our partnership, your projected timelines, your goals and aspirations... all of it will be an important step toward working together!

You'll need to complete the New Project form (including things about what you like, don't like, and are expecting) to help us get on the same page. 


STEP 2: Creative Partnership Contract

Working with Loraina Marie is a collaborative process, and the lines defining "billable hours" and "project completion" can be blurred without a clear-cut expectations. In order for us to work together effectively and without confusion, each project will begin with creating a contract to reflect the deliverables, time estimated, projected timeline, and estimated cost.

All terms of changes to these estimates (agreed upon when the contract is signed) will be discussed in writing before additional costs are incurred.

Most contracts require a 40% deposit upfront upon signing.


STEP 3: I'll get to work!

Once we have decided upon your package, timeline, and agreed upon an estimate, I'll get to work! This is the part that looks different for each process, but will generally consist of me doing some creative design, presenting you with a few options, and you choosing an option as a direction to develop. And then we'll move forward from there! At the end of each round of drafts, I'll let you know what to expect moving forward, where we're at in terms of your estimates, and when to look for your next drafts.


STEP 4: We'll finalize it all, together.

After the majority of the work is done, let's chat (on the phone or over a coffee) about your project. We'll review minor changes, nail down the details, and wrap it all up. 


STEP 5: Upon approval, I'll send you all applicable documents and an invoice.

Depending on your projects, I'll send you a slew of files that will cover all of your needs. This is especially important for logo and branding projects, but applies to every project in some way or another. Anything you'll need with the work we've created, you'll get in this step of the project. 


STEP 6: Remit payment within 14 days of project completion.

Full payment is due within 14 days of the project completion date, which appears on your invoice emailed in Step 5.


STEP 7: Let me know how it went, and if you have any additional projects!

I'd love to hear about your experience working with me!

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